Friday, July 23, 2010

Kamera Klasik Yashica Electro 35 (SOLD!)

Kamera ni ialah item personal aku yang dah lama aku simpan sejak zaman bujang lagi. Ada sentimental value tapi kalau letak dalam stor simpanan pun tara guna aku menyimpannya. Kondisi masih cantik, buatan Jepun. Brand pun sangat ok Yashica dah susah nak dapat dah jenis ni. Still boleh finction lagi, gambar cantik tapi guna film. Kalau nak cuba pakai masih boleh digunakan. Filem masih boleh roll lagi. Shutter ok superb. Details as below:-

Technical Details

Camera Name
Electro 35
Place of Manufacture

Body: Japan
Lens: Japan

Date of Manufacture
1966 ~ 1968
Focusing System

Fully coupled rangefinder with built-in parallax compensation
Lens use helical focusing

Fixed Lens

45mm, f/1.7, Yashinon-DX lens
Minimum focusing distance = 0.8 meters (~2.6 feet)
Right focusing (infinity on right side)
55mm thread for filters, 57.5mm lens shade


Copal shutter 30 (?) secs - 1/500
B and "flash" settings
X-flash sync at all speeds
Self-timer on lens mount

Metering System

CdS cell mounted above next to rangefinder
Aperture priority electronic exposure

Lights on top of camera / rangefinder warn of under/over exposure conditions


f/1.7 - f/16


External hot-shoe +
PC cable connection

Film type / speeds

Type 135 film (35mm standard)
ASA 10 to 400

Battery type

5.6v PX32 (battery check feature)
-compatible with 6V PX32A; or 6V PX28 alkaline, with 40c adaptor

Dimensions and weight
approx 800gms
Offer Price

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