Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2 Malay EP's (piring hitam kecil) for sale ~SOLD~

DJ Dave single (EP) for sale. Contains 4 hits song from 70's: Nora, dimanakah jelita, masa yang lepas ta'kan kembali dan malam pesta. Collectors item, very rare.
Vinyl condition: VG+++
Price: RM22 (firm) ~SOLD~

M Sharif (Hello Sayang) EP in early 1970's. Songs: Helo Sayang, Jangan salah sangka, bersabarlah sayang dan siapa mengganggu. Collectors item.
Vinyl condition: VG+
Price: RM12 (firm) ~SOLD~

VINYL GRADING (Record only,Cover shown in Photo)
Mint - New Unused / Sealed
NM - Almost new / Excellent condition. Maybe 1-2
superficial hairlines that cant be felt with the
finger.Dont affect any sound quality.
VG+++ - A few light hairlines/minor scuff but not
scratches. Should play without skipping.
VG+ Several light scuffs or a few minor scratches.
May have some back ground noise but without a
significant loss of sound quality.May or may not
VG : Will have surface noise and contain a fair
amount or scratches and scuffs. Should only be
considered for hard rock titles which has heavy
sound and rhythm.
VG Minus: Not recommended for playing. Just for
collection sake or for cover art only.
FAIR: Totally Kaput. I'm not selling LP like this.

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